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  • Different Topics in International Finance on Which Students are Evaluated by Assignment Writing

    An international finance course aims to arm students with a deep understanding of global financial markets and multinational companies' operations. The course combines traditional theories of financial markets with modern trends in global finance to teach relevant topics of international regulation of financial markets.
    There are different topics that they will evaluate you on as a student and about the course objectives:

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    1. Fundamentals of the global financial system.

    One of the topics you will learn is the fundamentals of the global financial system. Learning this aims to help students understand how international financial markets work. You will learn about the structure of the global financial system, its functions and elements, regulation, and its fundamental history. This topic will also introduce you to international financing institutions, the history and purpose of the IMF, the history of money, and the rise of complex economies.

    You can expect writing finance assignments such as essays or reports on this topic. An example of an essay assignment is: to give a brief history of the global financial system and explain its functions. The long-form international finance assignment on this topic would be report writing or literature reviews. An example would be to examine state intervention in the domestic and international markets. It could also include a report on significant trends and developments in the global financial system. As such, be ready with notes and research on everything about the topic.

    2. World currency system

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    Another topic to expect is that of the world currency system. The objective is to educate students about exchange rates and why currency values fluctuate. You can expect to learn about international monetary and financial relations, the regulation of economic relations, and international credit relations, among others. The aim is to teach students about the world currency system, from the evolution of the monetary system to where it's at in modern times.

    You can expect to get report-type assignments for this topic. For example, you could be asked to explain how the international monetary system has evolved in report format. Your study could also examine different literature texts describing how global currency values fluctuate over time. Since the topic objective is to help the student understand everything to do with the world currency, expect writing assignments that ask you to examine different world currencies and how their values have fluctuated over time. The assignments will also have you explore the possible reasons for the fluctuations in currency values and what role government regulation plays in that.

    3. International Corporate Finance and currency risks

    The topic of international corporate finance and currency risk management aims to encourage students to explore methods used to manage risk in the global markets. The course objective for this topic is to analyze the methods used to manage risk in international markets. Political risk, currency risk, risk management, and foreign exchange risk are sub-topics covered in this topic. It will also help students understand how transactional and operational currency risks are measured and managed. You will gain a deeper understanding of hedging currency risk and the different methods used by corporations and non-corporations.

    Since the topic involves a lot of theory work and reading, you can also expect to be assigned essays and report writing as part of the assignments given. Your essay could involve definition work, say, defining the different types of risk in the international finance market. You could also get a topic asking you to explain how currency risk affects investment decisions for corporations and non-financial corporations. As part of your international finance assignment, you could also get problem sets with scenarios for different companies asking you to cite the best way to manage certain currency risks. The writing assignments for this topic will determine how you as a student can apply the knowledge learned on risk management and corporate finance in real-world scenarios.

    4. Foreign exchange markets

    Another topic to expect is foreign exchange markets. This is a must-learn in international finance since it informs you, as the student, of the different policies and risks that affect the foreign exchange market and the various hedging strategies that can be applied in the real world to protect a trader from volatility in the currency markets. The topic will cover specific hedging activities, such as forwards, futures, and money market hedges. The lessons will also have sub-topics like; supply and demand of foreign currency, the effect of exchange rate fluctuations, purchasing power parity, and how fiscal and monetary policies affect exchange rates, and currency conversions.

    The assignments to expect from this include problem sets and questions with different market situations requiring you to advise the trader on how they can hedge against risks in the market. You could also be asked to write reports. An example of such a report would be to examine how fiscal and monetary policies in country X have affected the foreign exchange market. The writing assignment’s objective is to test how well you have understood the concept of foreign exchange as well as the different policies and factors that affect it. Ensure that your reports on this have accurate data, especially when explaining the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

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    5. Internationalization & Globalization of Business

    The international finance course will also teach you how internationalization and globalization of business happen. This topic aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the process and techniques used to make international investment decisions. You will learn the different concepts businesses use to survive in the international market, how to handle the different risks you may face and how to finance your business when you decide to make your business global. You will also learn about international transfer pricing, foreign direct investment, challenges in the global supply chain, how worldwide changes affect globalization, and how politics affect global businesses.

    The best way to learn the globalization of business will be through practical examples given as assignments. This may also involve essay writing for topics like the history of globalization, advantages of taking your business global and financing a global business among others. You may get practical assignments requiring you to create a business plan for a business planning on going global and the challenges it may face. Remember that the aim of the writing assignment given for this topic is to impart the student with practical strategies for the internationalization of a business. You have to show this understanding in your reports and essays given.

    6. Capital and international finance

    Another topic to expect is capital and international finance. This topic aims to help students explore the methods used to manage risk in the global markets. The topics will include what foreign exchange hedging is, tools for foreign exchange hedging, and how forwards and futures contracts hedge risks in the foreign markets, and how swap and option contracts hedge risks in the foreign markets. It will also include the causes and effects of hedging contracts, and the types of hedging contracts to manage foreign currency exposure.

    The type of writing assignment for this topic tests the student’s understanding of risk management in the international markets. You can then expect research projects requiring you as the student to write a research paper on one of the contracts that hedge risks in the foreign markets. Your report should also show your understanding of how capital flows in the international markets and how traders can protect themselves from risks.


    An international finance course aims to impart to students with knowledge of various fundamental concepts in the international markets. These concepts include exchange rates, risk management, and global currency. International finance assignments will test your understanding of these concepts and their application in the international market. Writing assignments include essays, reports, research projects, and in some cases, problem sets.

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